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Alex Tidgård

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Below, we will guide you through each step for conducting the interview using our Google Meet extension 👩🏻‍💻.

Important to know: Transcripts will not be perfect. Subject-specific words, slang, and mixing languages can be hard for the model to understand. 

1. Start a meeting in Google Meet. The Asker symbol will pop up to the right in your meeting window 

2. Log in to access your resources in Asker and all your assigned jobs. 

3. Find the relevant job, choose an interview, and a candidate. You can also add a new candidate directly in the extension sidebar.

4. Start the interview.

5. Collect consent to transcribe from the candidate. If you don't have consent you can still proceed with the interview, but it won't be transcribed. 

6. Choose a language. 

7. Start transcribing.

8. Move on with the introduction and the interview by clicking on the green arrow. 

9. Complete interview. When you're done with the interview, press "Complete interview". From here, you can go straight to Asker to finish up the interview and get access to the transcript and AI-generated notes. 

Now you know how it works 🚀

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